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This section explains several conventions used in this documentation.


This documentation use some symbols for illustration purposes. Before you read on, please make sure you've made yourself familiar with the following list of conventions:

– Sponsors only

The pumping heart symbol denotes that a specific feature or behavior is only available to sponsors via Insiders. Make sure that you have access to Insiders if you want to use the feature.

– Version

The tag symbol in conjunction with a version number denotes when a specific feature or behavior was added. Make sure you're at least on this version if you want to use it.

– Version (Insiders)

The tag symbol with a heart in conjunction with a version number denotes that a specific feature or behavior was added to the Insiders version of Material for MkDocs.

– Default value

Some properties in mkdocs.yml have default values for when the author does not explicitly define them. The default value of the property is always included.

– Default value is computed

Some default values are not set to static values but computed from other values, like the site language, repository provider, or other settings.

– Default value is empty

Some properties do not contain default values. This means that the functionality that is associated with them is not available unless explicitly enabled.

– Metadata property

This symbol denotes that the thing described is a metadata property, which can be used in Markdown documents as part of the front matter definition.

– Multiple instances

This symbol denotes that the plugin supports multiple instances, i.e, that it can be used multiple times in the plugins setting in mkdocs.yml.

– Optional feature

Most of the features are hidden behind feature flags, which means they must be explicitly enabled via mkdocs.yml. This allows for the existence of potentially orthogonal features.

– Experimental

Some newer features are still considered experimental, which means they might (although rarely) change at any time, including their complete removal (which hasn't happened yet).

– Plugin

Several features are implemented through MkDocs excellent plugin architecture, some of which are built-in and distributed with Material for MkDocs, so no installation is required.

– Markdown extension

This symbol denotes that the thing described is a Markdown extension, which can be enabled in mkdocs.yml and adds additional functionality to the Markdown parser.

– Required value

Some (very few in fact) properties or settings are required, which means the authors must explicitly define them.

– Customization

This symbol denotes that the thing described is a customization that must be added by the author.

– Utility

Besides plugins, there are some utilities that build on top of MkDocs in order to provide extended functionality, like for example support for versioning.