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If you want to get the best out of Material for MkDocs, Insiders is what you're looking for – it's an exclusive version of Material for MkDocs that offers additional features and enhancements. By becoming a sponsor, you get early access

Material for MkDocs Insiders offers an enhanced experience with early access to exclusive features that aren't available in the community edition. Become a sponsor and make use of these features directly!

You’ve already seen the benefits of using Material for MkDocs; imagine what more you can achieve with Insiders. Your sponsorship helps us continue to innovate and improve, ensuring Material for MkDocs remains a cutting-edge tool. Discover how your contributions make a difference.

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Additional information

Explore the following section to learn more about Material for MkDocs, why you should sponsor us, what's in it for you, and who is sponsoring us.

  •   Why sponsor us

    Learn how to support our goal of becoming the leading tool in documentation

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  •   What's in it for you

    Discover exclusive benefits and features available only to our monthly sponsors

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  •   Who is sponsoring

    Get to know our awesome sponsors, financially backing Material for MkDocs

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Sponsoring guide

Learn how to become a sponsor of Material for MkDocs Insiders and start your sponsorship journey by choosing the right tier for you:

  •   Sponsoring tiers

    Find the perfect monthly sponsoring tier that fits your needs and requirements

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  •   How to sponsor

    Follow our step-by-step guide on how to become a sponsor to get you started

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Additional information

If you require additional and detailed information about payment, billing, access management, and more, here is everything you need to know:

  •   Payment and billing

    All the information you need about payment methods and billing cycles

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  •   Access management

    Learn about access management to Insiders – for individuals and organizations

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  •   Runtime and cancellation

    Receive information on the duration of your sponsorship and the cancellation process

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  •   Privacy

    Our commitment to your privacy – learn assurances on valuing your privacy

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  •   License

    Get details on the licensing of Material for MkDocs Insiders and its requirements

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  •   Support

    Overview of our support options available, ensuring you get the information you need

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Using Insiders

Once you have become a sponsor, you can start using Material for MkDocs Insiders, get all the information you need to get started:

  •   Getting started

    Step-by-step instructions on how to install Material for MkDocs Insiders

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  •   Changelog

    Review the latest changes and additions to Material for MkDocs Insiders

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  •   Upgrade

    Stay updated with the latest changes and improvements in the Insiders edition

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We're looking forward to welcoming you as a sponsor!