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Access management

The Material for MkDocs Insiders repository is a private repository hosted on GitHub and access is, therefore, managed through GitHub. This section covers everything you need to know in order to gain access to the private Material for MkDocs Insiders repository.

How to get access

As the private Material for MkDocs Insiders repository is hosted on GitHub, you require a GitHub account to become a sponsor and to gain access. After sponsoring us on one of our sponsoring tiers starting at $15 a month, you'll get access to the private Insiders repository.

Please note that the process of gaining access is only partially automatable due to technical reasons. Depending on the type of account you've used to become a sponsor, we might need more information from you before we can grant access.


If you sponsor using a personal account, you will receive an invitation link via email to the private Material for MkDocs Insiders repository immediately after initiating your sponsorship. This link is valid for seven days. Once you accept the invitation, you'll be ready to get started.

If the link expired, please contact us at and we'll send you a new one.


When sponsoring using an organization account, GitHub will not send an automated invitation via email to access the private Material for MkDocs Insiders repository. Due to GitHub limitations, granting access to a private repository for an entire organization is not possible.

Therefore, please contact us at with the name of a personal account or the name of a bot account that is publicly or privately listed as an owner of your GitHub organization after you received a confirmation that your sponsorship was initiated.

We will add this designated account as a collaborator, and once the invitation is accepted within seven days, your organization will be all set to get started.


If you would like to sponsor us using an enterprise account, we recommend using a personal account or a bot account to initiate the sponsorship and access the private Material for MkDocs Insiders repository using this account.


GitHub sets limitations beyond our control, which is why we require further information regarding collaborators of private repositories and matching of GitHub accounts.


GitHub policy limits access to private repositories to personal accounts only, which is why it is currently not possible for us to add organization accounts to the Material for MkDocs Insiders repository – a private repository.

As much as we would love to give each member of your organization access, it's simply not feasible for us to add each member account, which is why every sponsoring tier is limited to one seat. However, you can use a bot account to work around this limitation.


Due to privacy reasons, GitHub does not allow email addresses to be matched with GitHub accounts. When requesting access via email at, it's necessary to provide us with the name of a personal account.

Bot account

Given that only personal accounts can be listed as collaborators on private repositories, ensuring access for an entire organization requires coordination through individuals. Changes within the team could lead to losing access to the entire organization.

To avoid this, you have the option to create a bot account, which is a new personal account that does not belong to a specific individual but is publicly or privately listed as the owner of the GitHub organization

Using a bot account for access management and initiating your public or private sponsorship through it also allows for better attribution of sponsorship costs, allowing you to manage access and payment for all sponsorships through a single account, and is thus recommended.

Expired invitations

The invitation to the private Material for MkDocs is valid for seven days, a limitation imposed by GitHub. If invitations are not accepted within this period, you'll need to contact us via mail at, and we will re-issue the invitation immediately.

Team management

If you are using Material for MkDocs Insiders as an individual and don't collaborate with other users, forking the private repository is not necessary. However, when working with a team, it is not possible to simply share your collaborator status with other accounts. Therefore, in order to work in a team, the account with access to Insiders can fork, clone, or mirror the private Material for MkDocs Insiders repository to an organization, providing a pathway for team collaboration.

Outside collaborators

When working with outside collaborators, you should know that the Insiders edition is compatible with the community edition. All new features and configuration options are backward-compatible or implemented behind feature flags. Most Insiders features enhance the overall experience, e.g., by creating better social cards or instant previews. While these features add value for your site's users, they are most certainly not necessary for previewing your site.

This means that outside collaborators can build the documentation locally with the community edition, and when they push their changes, your CI pipeline will build it with Insiders. When using built-in plugins exclusive to Insiders, we recommend using the group plugin.

See the getting started guide for more information.


Forking a repository creates a copy of the repository that allows for independent development while maintaining a link to the original repository for updates.


Cloning a repository copies the repository to your local machine or codespace, facilitating offline work and content management. You can, of course, also clone a private fork.


Mirroring a repository creates an identical copy, ensuring you have the flexibility to host and work with the repository in other environments besides GitHub. This is a particularly useful strategy for organizations hosting their repositories in a private environment outside of GitHub.

GitHub alternatives

Material for MkDocs Insiders is designed to be compatible with various repository hosting platforms, including GitLab. The key requirement is still a GitHub account, as we use GitHub Sponsors for transactions and GitHub to manage access to the private Insiders repository.

Once you've become a sponsor and secured access to the private Insiders repository via an individual GitHub account, you can mirror the repository in another location. This mirroring process not only allows for easy integration into your existing workflow but also ensures that your projects stay up-to-date with the latest features and improvements of Insiders.

Our discussion board is a valuable resource for any questions about integrating Material for MkDocs Insiders into your projects. It offers a space to connect with others who may have similar requirements and setups, as well as to exchange tips and explore solutions together.