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What’s in it for you

Material for MkDocs Insiders is packed with additional features that are exclusively available to our monthly sponsors – the moment you become a sponsor, you'll gain immediate access to all the exclusive Insiders features, ready for you to start using now.


Our sponsors currently enjoy access to the following 26 additional features. New features are added regularly, so be sure to check back regularly to stay updated.

What's coming next

Too many ideas, too little time!

Our backlog is filled with countless ideas that we came up with or that have been suggested by our community. We're also working to make our roadmap public. If you have something specific in mind, and wonder whether we've considered it, feel free to ask on our discussion board.

Frequent releases

We’re committed to quickly addressing bugs, that come up and keeping our open issue count as low as possible. Both our community and Insiders editions are regularly updated, ensuring you have the latest features and fixes available at all times.

Additional benefits

As a premium sponsors, you'll enjoy additional benefits that are not available to our individual sponsors. When sponsoring our work on one of our commercial tiers starting at $125 a month, you'll get additional benefits that we offer for enterprises:

  • Prioritized bug reports to keep your projects running smoothly
  • Logo placement and backlink on our site for increased visibility
  • Private support via email for any questions to our maintainers

Interested in supporting us? Together, let’s continue to make Material for MkDocs an even more powerful tool for everyone. We’re excited for what the future holds!

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The following section lists all funding goals. Each goal contains a list of features prefixed with a checkmark symbol, denoting whether a feature is already available or planned, but not yet implemented. This means that each funding goal unlocks new features for general availability in the community edition, after sponsors have used them for a while.

$ 16,000 – Chipotle

$ 18,000 – Lemon Drop

$ 20,000 – Jalapeño

$ 22,000 – Habanero Orange

$ 24,000 – Blockpaprika

Goals completed

This section celebrates the milestones we’ve achieved thanks to our incredible sponsors. Those features were once part of Material for MkDocs Insiders, and therefore only available to our sponsors, and are now generally available to be used by all users.

$ 14,000 – Goat's Horn

$ 12,000 – Piri Piri

$ 10,000 – Carolina Reaper

$ 8,000 – Scotch Bonnet

$ 7,000 – Royal Gold

$ 6,000 – Trinidad Scorpion

$ 5,000 – Aji Panca

$ 4,000 – Ghost Pepper

$ 3,000 – Caribbean Red

$ 2,500 – Biquinho Vermelho

$ 2,000 – Black Pearl

$ 1,500 – Bhut Jolokia

$ 1,000 – Prairie Fire

$ 500 – Madame Jeanette

  • Improved search result grouping
  • Improved search result relevance and scoring
  • Missing query terms in search results