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Calling for Community Experts

Interested in joining the Material for MkDocs team as a Community Expert? We're on the lookout for individuals who are passionate about supporting our awesome community. In return for your valuable contributions, time, and insights, you'll gain free access to the Insiders edition.

Why we need you

As our project and community continue to grow, so do the questions and needs of our users on our discussion board. Our discussion board is a vital part of our project, serving as a hub for our community to connect and a valuable knowledge base to complement our documentation.

We're eager to keeping it well-maintained, organized, easy to search and address all queries which is why we need extra hands to keep up with the demand.

That's why we're building a team of Community Experts!

Your role

As a Community Expert, your role primarily involves active participation on our discussion board, where we'd expect you to be:

  • Answering discussions to help users with their questions
  • Providing guidance regarding implementations
  • Sharing insights into customizations and workarounds
  • Optimizing searchability by adjusting discussion titles with relevant keywords

Your benefits

Here is a list of the benefits we offer to our Community Experts:

  • Free access to Material for MkDocs Insiders – Exclusive Access to all of our Material for MkDocs Insiders features for non-commercial use.1

  • Close communication with the team – Stay connected with us through various channels, including calls and internal project management tools.

  • GitHub profile boost – Enhance your GitHub profile's visibility and credibility as your activity increases, earning you valuable badges that can enhance your credibility.

Your knowledge & skills

To be a successful Community Expert, your skills should include the following:

  • Material and MkDocs allrounder – You have an understanding of Material for MkDocs and the MkDocs ecosystem, including many of its extensions and plugins.

  • Great communicator – You enjoy helping others in a productive, constructive and friendly manner and use inclusive and welcoming language.

  • Independent worker – You are self-motivated, stay up-to-date with project developments, regularly check the discussion board, and respond to notifications in reasonable time.

Your time commitment

We don't require a fixed number of hours each week; instead, we ask for a minimum of five answered discussions per month2, which amounts to slightly more than one per week. Your active interaction within the community is highly valued.

To do this effectively, it's best to regularly check the discussion board to see where you can offer help. The time you invest may vary depending on the complexity of the topics and questions.

Upon joining, you'll receive access to the Insiders' edition for as long as you continue to assist us. Access will be renewed every three months, allowing you the flexibility to continue your contributions or take a break as needed.

Ready to get started?

Since we have a limited number of seats for these roles3, we would like to get to know you before you become one of our Community Experts. Here's how to get started:

Step 1: Get in touch

Send us an email introducing yourself, sharing a bit about your background, and include a link to your GitHub profile. Additionally, provide links to three previous discussions you've answered on the discussion board, where you've assisted another community member.

Please use the following email template to reach out to us at

Subject: Community Expert

Intro: Tell us a bit about yourself.
  - Name:
  - Background:
  - Profession:
  - GitHub profile:

Answered discussions
  - Link 1:
  - Link 2:
  - Link 3:

Step 2: Evaluation

After receiving and reviewing your application, we will get in touch with you to discuss everything you need to know to get started. If you get selected, we will set you up as a collaborator and provide you immediate access to the Insiders edition for three months.

Step 3: Dive in

Let's get started! You can actively begin participating in five discussions per month. We trust you to take the lead, and we won't do strict monitoring. Simply ensure that you are consistently listed on the Most Helpful list, located on the discussion board's left side, under the categories.

Ready to join us?

Sounds good? Let's give it a try!

  1. Access to Insiders is granted to your primary account, i.e., the account with which you're contributing to the project. It cannot be transferred to another account. Additionally, it cannot be used for commercial purposes. 

  2. An answered discussion is a collaborative interaction where knowledge and expertise are shared, resulting in resolutions or clarifications that benefit the user and our entire community. In essence, it embodies the spirit of cooperation and support within our community, highlighting the power of collective wisdom and the willingness to assist and uplift one another. 

  3. Please note that we're currently limiting the number of seats on the Community Experts program to three. We will update this page when we'll expand the team, which is when we'll be accepting new applications.