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Sponsoring FAQs

Do you have questions about Material for MkDocs Insiders? We do our best to answer all of your questions on this page. If you can't find your question below, ask it on our discussion board!


Why did we create Material for MkDocs Insiders?

So, here's the deal: Material for MkDocs began as a passion project, which we made open-source to share freely with everyone. However, as the project's popularity grew over the last few years, so did the demands of its maintenance and overhead. Faced with the growing demands and the tough choice between discontinuing our efforts or dedicating ourselves full-time, we chose to commit ourselves fully to the project.

To sustain this full-time commitment and to expand the team, we introduced Material for MkDocs Insiders. This private Insiders repository, available exclusively to our monthly sponsors, is where we first release the latest advancements of Material for MkDocs. That way our sponsors get the premium features in advance of all others users as a thank you for their support. But here's the best part: once we achieve specific funding goals, these advancements become available to the wider community. This model ensures ongoing development and accessibility for all, keeping the project vibrant and up-to-date.

We communicate these funding goals and their progress openly, ensuring our community is involved every step of the way. It's our way of making sure that while we do need the support to keep going, everyone will eventually benefit from the advancements made possible by our sponsors.

Why is the Insiders offered as a subscription model?

You might wonder why we opted for a subscription model for the Insiders edition instead of a one-time purchase. Here's the thing: Material for MkDocs is in constant evolution. Our work is never done because there's always something new on the horizon – be it adapting to upstream dependency updates, keeping pace with environment changes like browser updates, or bringing to life the new features and improvements our users wish for.

A one-time payment might seem appealing at first glance, but it's a bit like buying a snapshot: great for a moment, but it doesn't stay current for long. With a subscription, you're not just buying what's already been developed; you're investing in what's coming next. You get all the future updates, bug fixes, and new features as they roll out. This ongoing development is crucial not just for keeping the project alive and kicking but for ensuring it continues to meet your needs and expectations.

This subscription model is what enables us to dedicate the necessary time and resources to Material for MkDocs, ensuring its sustainability and growth. It's about more than just maintaining the status quo; it's about pushing boundaries, improving, and innovating. When we hit our funding goals through these monthly subscriptions, we will roll out the Insiders features to the community edition. That way, the whole community benefits from the advancements made possible by our supporters.

In essence, the subscription is a commitment to not just maintaining but actively developing Material for MkDocs. It allows us to plan for the future with confidence, knowing we have the backing to continue our work. This model has made all the difference, enabling us to rely on our sponsors' ongoing support and ensuring that Material for MkDocs remains a cutting-edge tool for everyone.

What features are included in the Insiders edition?

The Insiders edition includes more than 20 additional features. You can find an overview of these features on our Insiders page, which is updated when new features are added and released.

How often is the Insiders edition updated?

We try to keep our open issue count low, fixing known bugs quickly. Both our repositories, the community and Insiders edition, are constantly updated with bug fixes and new features.


Can I sponsor the project without a GitHub account?

No, you can't support Material for MkDocs if you don't have a GitHub account. GitHub Sponsors handles all transactions and access management for us. Please also note that the private Insiders repository is on GitHub, so in order to gain access, you'll need to have a GitHub individual or bot account that can be added as a collaborator. If your organization doesn't use GitHub or hosts its repositories on other platforms, you can mirror the Insiders repository in your environment once you have access.

We are hosting our repository on Gitlab, can we also use Insiders?

Absolutely! Material for MkDocs Insiders is designed to be compatible with various repository hosting platforms, including GitLab. The key requirement is still a GitHub account, as we use GitHub Sponsors for all transactions and manage access to the private Insiders repository through GitHub.

Once you've become a sponsor and secured access to the private Insiders repository via an individual GitHub account, you can mirror the repository in another location. This mirroring process not only allows for easy integration into your existing workflow but also ensures that your projects stay up-to-date with the latest features and improvements of Material for MkDocs Insiders.

For any questions about integrating Material for MkDocs Insiders into your projects, our discussion board is a valuable resource. It offers a space to connect with others who may have similar requirements and setups as well as to exchange tips, and explore solutions together.

Which sponsoring tier should I choose?

The sponsoring tiers are divided into non-commercial and commercial tiers. If you are an individual or organization using Material for MkDocs for private or non-commercial Open Source projects, you have two tiers to choose from, depending on the number of sites you want to build. For companies using Material for MkDocs, we offer three different commercial tiers, from which you can choose depending on your requirements.

Also, please read what is considered commercial use.

Why are one-time sponsorships not granted access to Insiders?

Primarily due to technical reasons, that we're working on lifting in the future. We use GitHub webhooks to determine our current active sponsors. When you create or cancel your monthly subscription, GitHub sends events that we use to automatically add and remove collaborators.

Note that $15 is the minimum amount to be granted access to Insiders.

How are sponsorship contributions used?

It's vital to recognize that the total sponsorship amount doesn't directly translate into the funds we have available for use. The way we allocate sponsorship amounts is detailed as follows:

  1. Taxes: Since we provide a service to our sponsors, we're of course legally obligated to pay sales tax. This requirement applies to all sponsorship contributions, aligning us with standard business practices as for the rest of the world.

  2. Sponsorships: A significant portion of our funding is redirected to upstream projects. This cultivates collaboration and supports the broader Open Source ecosystem. Those projects and their maintainers are essential for the ongoing development of Material for MkDocs.

    Explore our sponsorships.

  3. Funds: We are in the process of forming a team devoted to Material for MkDocs and are proactively compensating critical contributors. These funds cover various aspects of the project, like the creation of new features, bug resolution, support, and sponsor relations.

Are there any limitations on the number of sponsors for a particular tier?

No, there are no limitations on the number of sponsors for any tier. You can sponsor the project at any tier regardless of how many other sponsors are already there.

Payment & billing

Is there a trial period for the Insiders edition?

No, we do not offer a trial period for the Insiders edition. However, if you're a company and are considering sponsoring on the commercial tier, but want to first give the Insiders edition a try, you can sponsor on the $15 tier with a personal account for non-commercial evaluation purposes.

Additionally, our subscription model allows you to cancel your sponsorship anytime. If you decide to cancel, your sponsorship will remain active until the end of your billing cycle.

What payment options do you accept?

We manage all our transactions and sponsorships through GitHub Sponsors. To become a sponsor of Material for MkDocs on GitHub, visit our sponsors' page. On there, you can choose from five different sponsorship tiers and pay by credit card. Please note that as of the beginning of 2023, GitHub no longer supports PayPal payments.

If you're a company and need assistance choosing the right payment method, please don't hesitate to reach out to

Are discounts available for the Insiders edition, such as student discounts?

Unfortunately, we are not able to offer any discounts for the Material for MkDocs Insiders program. To ensure that everyone can afford the Insiders program and keep the barrier as low as possible, we have set prices as low as $15 a month for non-commercial use.

Do you offer free access to Insiders for Open Source projects?

No, we do not offer free access to our Material for MkDocs Insiders edition. We understand that non-profit organizations may have limited budgets and may need to prioritize their spending on other projects or organizations. However, it's important to note that Material for MkDocs is maintained by a small team, investing a lot of time and resources into constantly improving this project. Material for MkDocs and its core features are free to the community through our Open Source model. Therefore, Material for MkDocs itself is already free.

However, we do offer an affordable sponsorship tier starting at $15 a month, which is meant for individuals and non-profit organizations using Material for MkDocs to build 1-2 sites for non-commercial purposes. This tier provides access to all new features, benefiting you from our ongoing development efforts.

Is Insiders free for those who contribute to this project?

Thank you for your interest in contributing to Material for MkDocs! We value every contribution, but it's important to distinguish between different types of contributions. While minor edits such as typo corrections or adding new languages are appreciated, they demand significant review efforts that exceed the scope of such contributions. Consequently, free access to the Insiders edition is exclusively offered to our community experts.

If you're passionate about making a significant impact, we encourage you to explore our community experts program. This program is designed for experienced users eager to share their expertise on our discussion board. Our discussion board facilitates the exchange of insights on workarounds, setups, and features and addresses queries from users at all levels of experience. As a community expert you become an integral part of our project by actively assisting users and addressing their inquiries. This allows our team to focus more on enhancing and developing new features – benefiting the entire community.

In acknowledgment of such valuable contributions, active community experts are granted free access to the Insiders edition. This presents a fantastic opportunity for you to make meaningful contributions while enjoying the perks of the Insiders edition.

Can I purchase the Insiders edition with a one-time donation?

One-time donations, while appreciated, cannot support the ongoing development of Material for MkDocs as subscriptions do. Our project's growth relies on steady support from subscriptions to fund new features, updates, and maintenance. Therefore, the Insiders version is not available through a one-time donation.

If monthly payments do not work for you or your company, you can adjust your GitHub account's billing cycle to annual instead of monthly and sponsor at the appropriate tier.

How can I set my billing to monthly or yearly?

Before you sponsor Material for MkDocs on one of our sponsoring tiers, you can change your billing cycle to either monthly or yearly, according to your preference. Your billing cycle is a setting at the account level on GitHub, which you can easily modify in your account settings. When selecting one of our sponsoring tiers, this adjustment will automatically categorize you as a monthly or yearly sponsor.

If you find it challenging to make this change in your account, a practical workaround is to create a dedicated GitHub bot account where you set the billing cycle to yearly and use it specifically for your sponsorship contributions. This is a strategy some of our sponsors have successfully implemented. For any difficulties or further inquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact us at for support.

Can I get an invoice for my sponsorship payment?

Since GitHub Sponsors manages all transactions on our behalf, GitHub Sponsors is considered your supplier, not us. As part of their process, GitHub Sponsors automatically sends you a payment receipt via email for each billing cycle. It's important to note that this document is a receipt, not an invoice. If you require an invoice for your records, please contact us at before initiating your sponsorship.

Can I switch between different sponsoring tiers?

Yes, you can switch between different sponsoring tiers at any time. Simply go to the GitHub Sponsors page and change your sponsoring tier. Once you make that change, you will immediately change to the new tier.

If you change to a higher tier, the amount will be prorated according to your billing cycle.

Can I sponsor the project for a specific feature or development goal?

While sponsoring specific goals directly is not possible, our sponsoring goals are connected to specific features or development goals aligned with the project's roadmap. You can find an overview of these sponsoring goals and their associated features on our website. Insider users have early access to all already developed features, including those associated with higher funding goals that will be reached at a later stage. If you're interested in accessing these features, becoming a sponsor is the way to go. If you have a feature in mind that you would like to see on the list, we encourage you to initiate a new discussion to evaluate it with others.

What happens if I reach my sponsoring limit for my current tier?

If you extend the number of sites that are in your current sponsoring limit, please upgrade your sponsorship to a higher tier to continue using the Insiders edition and build more sites. The change will be effective immediately.

Do you offer refunds for sponsoring payments?

Unfortunately, we cannot offer any refund for sponsorship payments. GitHub Sponsors manages all sponsoring transactions. Because of that, we do not have any insights into the details of the funds and cannot access them. If you have any payment issues, please get in touch with the GitHub Sponsors support team, as they can help you.

Access management

How do I gain access to the private Insiders repository?

If you sponsored with your individual account, you should have received an email invitation to the private Material for MkDocs Insiders repository right after you initiated your sponsorship. Simply accept the invitation within seven days to gain access.

If you sponsored using an organization account, please note we need an individual account that we can list as a collaborator of the private Insiders repository. After you initiate your sponsorship, please email us at with the name of the individual or bot account. Once you provide us with this information, we will add the account as a collaborator, and after you accept the invitation, you will gain access to the repository.

If you have yet to receive the email or the invitation link has expired, please contact us, the maintainers, at We're working on a solution that will allow you to manage collaborator status yourself.

Why can't our whole organization get access to Insiders?

Currently, it is not possible to grant access to an organizational account, as GitHub only allows for adding individual user accounts. We are working on a solution ourselves to simplify access for organizations. For now, to ensure that access is not tied to a particular individual, we recommend creating a bot account, i.e., a GitHub account that does not belong to a specific individual but is listed as the owner of the organizational account and using this account for sponsorship.

Do I need to fork the repository to use it?

It depends. If you are using the Insiders edition as an individual, you can work directly with the private repository, as you do not need to share the Insiders features with others. If you are working with a team, it is best to create a private fork using the individual account you listed as a collaborator of Material for MkDocs to grant access to all members of your organization to your fork.

Can I share my Insiders access with others?

At the moment, it is not possible to directly share your collaborator status for the private Insiders repository with other accounts. However, if you are working with a team and would like them to access Insiders, you can share the Insiders repository by utilizing options such as cloning, forking, or mirroring. By doing so, you can start collaborating with your team members on the new repository you have shared. This way, you can collectively benefit from the Insiders features and work together on the project.

Runtime & cancellation

How long is my sponsorship valid?

Your sponsorship is valid for as long as your monthly or yearly subscription is valid. If you choose to cancel your sponsorship, you will lose access to the Insiders edition once your cancellation is active and will be automatically removed by GitHub as a collaborator from the private repository.

How do I cancel my sponsorship?

To cancel your sponsorship, follow the step-by-step guide provided by GitHub. If you sponsored using an organizational account, please ensure that you cancel your sponsorship using the same organizational account rather than your individual account.

What happens when I cancel my sponsorship?

If you choose to cancel your subscription to Insiders, you will be automatically removed by GitHub as a collaborator on the day your cancellation is effective. From that day on, you will no longer receive future updates. However, you are welcome to continue using the latest version that was available to you at the time of your cancellation for as long as you like.

Please note that GitHub deletes private forks, so you may want to take steps to ensure that you have a backup of the software if necessary and use the locally installed version.


What constitutes commercial use of the Insiders edition?

Commercial use refers to any use of the software for a business or for-profit purpose. This includes any use by a corporation or other organization, whether or not they generate revenue directly from the software. We offer different pricing tiers for commercial use, each tailored to the needs of different businesses. It's important to note that internal use of the software within your organization is also considered commercial use, as with all commercial software.

What constitutes non-commercial use of the Insiders edition?

Non-commercial use of our Material for MkDocs refers to private use. This includes individuals using the Insiders edition for private or purely non-commercial Open Source projects. We offer two different tiers for non-commercial use, depending on the number of sites you want to build.

What is your fair use policy?

Our fair use policy includes the following guidelines:

  • Please refrain from distributing the source code of Insiders. While you may use the software for public, private, or commercial projects and may privately fork or mirror it, we ask that you keep the source code private. This is important to our sponsorware strategy, which helps us fund ongoing development and support of the software. If this guidelines is violated, everybody loses, as it will reduce the time of us maintainers we can set aside to push this project forward.

  • As our sponsoring tiers are based on the number of sites you want to build, please make sure to upgrade your sponsorship once your current sponsoring tier limit has been reached.

Does the Insiders edition have a different license?

No. Whether you're an individual or a company, you may use Material for MkDocs Insiders precisely under the same terms as Material for MkDocs, which are given by the MIT license.

Can outside collaborators build and run the documentation locally without access to Insiders?

Yes. Insiders is compatible with Material for MkDocs. Almost all new features and configuration options are either backward-compatible or implemented behind feature flags. When working with outside collaborators, changing the general appearance of your site should be optional. Most Insiders features enhance the overall experience, e.g., by adding icons to pages or providing a feedback widget. While these features add value for your site's users, they should be optional for previewing when making changes to content. Currently, the only content-related feature in Insiders that non-Insiders users can't properly preview are Card grids.

This means that outside collaborators can build the documentation locally with Material for MkDocs, and when they push their changes, your CI pipeline will build it with Insiders. When using built-in plugins exclusive to Insiders, it's recommended to split configuration into a base mkdocs.yml and one with plugin overrides via configuration inheritance.

See the getting started guide for more information.


How can I contact support if I have questions about becoming a sponsor?

If you have any questions and would like to contact us before starting your sponsorship, we are happy to answer all your non-technical questions about the Insiders program via email at

All technical questions should be asked openly on our discussion board.

Is additional support available for Material for MkDocs Insiders users?

Yes, we provide non-technical support related to sponsoring at For technical questions, please submit an issue openly on our issue tracker or start a discussion on our discussion board. Issues and discussions from our organizational sponsors, sponsoring on The Organization tier or higher will be prioritized.1

How can I display my logo on the list of premium sponsors?

If your sponsorship tier includes logo placement, and you would like us to display your logo in the list of premium sponsors and have it linked to your site, please contact us via mail. Simply send us a horizontal SVG or PNG version of your logo making sure it displays the name of your company and the logo to

Is logo placement optional?

Yes, all of our commercial benefits, such as logo placement and backlinks, are optional and can be opted in or out at any time. You can keep your sponsorship completely private.

How can I report a bug in the Insiders edition?

If you encounter a bug in the Insiders edition, we kindly request that you report it on our issue tracker in the public community repository. When submitting the bug report, please ensure that you do not include any private Insiders' source code, as we want to uphold our fair use policy.

How can I report an issue in my customizations?

Please note, that we do not offer support for customizations as they vary widely and are specific to individual cases. Our support is primarily focused on assisting with our core features. When reporting an issue, please remove all customizations to ensure effective problem diagnosis with a minimal reproduction .zip file, as described in our bug reporting guide. Our built-in info plugin, which is essential when creating a reproduction, will not function correctly with customizations in place. For questions and issues with customizations, please use our discussion board to engage with the community.


Will you sign an NDA for sponsorships?

Unfortunately, we cannot sign any NDA or vendor agreement form. As a small team working on Material for MkDocs, we have limited resources and cannot review and sign agreements.

Will you fill out our companys forms?

To dedicate more time and resources to the development of our projects, we have implemented measures to minimize administrative overhead for our small team. As part of this approach, we have adopted GitHub Sponsors to efficiently handle all transactions for us. Consequently, we have decided to introduce a setup fee for any additional administrative tasks other than those handled by GitHub Sponsors that require our attention and involve the completion of forms or adherence to company processes when purchasing Material for MkDocs Insiders. If your purchase department requires additional time and effort from our team, please be aware that the setup fee will apply. For detailed information and specific inquiries, please reach out to us at

Can I sponsor privately?

Yes, you can. GitHub offers the option to set your sponsorship to private when you initiate your sponsorship. This means that your account will not appear in sponsor-listings so there is no public affiliation with Material for MkDocs. Only we know that you sponsored, but we will never disclose this information without your written consent.

Are there any geographical restrictions on becoming a sponsor?

No, there are no geographical restrictions for becoming a sponsor. We welcome sponsorships from individuals and organizations worldwide. As long as your credit card is valid and accepted by GitHub you are eligible to become a sponsor and support the project, regardless of your location.

  1. Priority support means we will prioritize your issue, meaning we will look into it and do our best to solve your issue asap. However, the prioritized bug support does not mean that we can solve your issue before any others since some issues might take more time to solve.