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How to sponsor

Becoming a sponsor for Material for MkDocs is a straightforward process through @squidfunk's GitHub Sponsors profile. By supporting the project with a monthly contribution of $15 a month or more, you can sponsor either via an individual or organizational GitHub account.


Want to become a sponsor? We will guide you through the sponsoring process below If you have additional questions, you can find detailed information about payment and billing, access management, runtime and cancellation, privacy, license and support on dedicated pages.

Sponsoring tier

First, it's a good idea to explore our sponsoring tiers, as each sponsoring tier is designed to accommodate different levels of sponsors and includes dedicated benefits.

After reviewing the sponsoring tiers, it's time to choose one. Consider what you want to achieve and keep your requirements in mind, e.g. the number of projects you want to build or how many accounts you need. Switching tiers is possible at any time.

Choosing a tier will take you to GitHub's sponsorship confirmation page.

Sponsorship summary

Payment and billing

Next, GitHub will ask you to provide your billing information, which is required to process your sponsorship payment. On this page, the Sponsorship summary section displays the (possibly prorated) amount due to initiate your sponsorship. This amount is determined by your account's billing cycle, which can be set to a monthly or yearly interval.

Proceed to input your payment information, specifically your credit card details. Please make sure that the used credit card is valid and will remain so for an extended period to help avoid any interruptions in your sponsorship.


On this page, you can also set the visibility of your sponsorship. You have the option to keep your sponsorship private or to make it public, which includes listing your name or organization on the list of our sponsors and, for organizations, the opportunity for logo placement.

News and updates

Note that we rarely send out emails, and when we do, it's usually to inform you about significant updates or changes to the project, so it's best to keep this option enabled. To stay updated on the latest developments, you can check out our changelog.

Tax information

If you're sponsoring as an organization, it's essential to provide your country, region and VAT number, so we can correctly attribute your sponsorship. This is due to the fact that VAT is handled differently for individuals than for organizations.


Before finalizing your sponsorship, take a moment to review all the details of your sponsorship, including the selected tier, billing information, and payment details.

Then proceed to confirm your sponsorship by clicking the Sponsor button.

Access management

After completing the sponsorship process and your payment is successfully processed, you will be all set to gain access to the private Material for MkDocs Insiders repository.

Ready to become a sponsor?

  Choose a sponsoring tier

If you still find yourself with more questions, feel free to reach out to Kathi via mail at for additional support.