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Material for MkDocs Insiders is licensed under the MIT license, the exact same license used for the community edition. The MIT license is a permissive license that allows commercial use, redistribution, and everything else as long as the original authors are credited in source files.

The MIT license is the most popular license among all Open Source projects.

MIT License

The MIT License gives you the freedom to work with the code with minimal restrictions. When using Material for MkDocs Insiders or the community edition, make sure to include the copyright notice and avoid future liability claims. Its appeal lies in its simplicity and clear terms, making it a go-to for projects of any scale. Its popularity stems from its simplicity, clarity, and development-friendly terms, making it suitable for all types of projects. The MIT License ensures that anyone – individual or organization – can use Material for MkDocs Insiders under the same conditions as the community edition.

Advantages of MIT

The MIT License is favored for its balance between freedom and protection, appealing to those who find GNU/GPL licenses too restrictive or advocate for privatized software. Its broad wording supports both open community development and the use of components in proprietary software.

MIT in open source

Material for MkDocs stands out for being open source, developed by a small, user-oriented team committed to delivering high-quality tools for the community. Here’s what this means for you:

  • Independence from investors: Our focus is purely on developing the project and guiding it without external pressures. This freedom means we’re all about what’s best for the community and the project's future.
  • Freedom from vendor lock-in: Thanks to Open Source principles, you can use Material for MkDocs without any strings attached. Customize or integrate it into your projects without worrying about restrictions. Your docs belong to you, and you are free to change the software at any time.
  • Ecosystem Development: Material for MkDocs is more than a tool; it's a community-driven effort to build an ecosystem, which it already is. Through open collaboration, we’re constantly adding new extensions, plugins, and integrations to give you more tools at your disposal.

Fair use policy

Our fair use policy is here to ensure the project continues to thrive, which is why we request that our sponsors respect the following:

  • Source Code Distribution: Keeping our sponsorware model intact means we count on you not to distribute the Insiders source code. While you're encouraged to privately [fork], or [mirror] the private Insiders repository for your needs, keeping the source private is key. If this guideline is violated, everybody loses, as it will reduce the time of us maintainers we could otherwise set aside to push this project forward.
  • Sponsorship tiers: We base our sponsorship tiers on non-commercial or commercial use and ask our sponsors to respect these requirements when initiating a sponsorship. Additionally, we base our sponsoring tiers on the number of sites you intend to build. Please upgrade your sponsorship accordingly to support the project’s growth and ensure its continued development.