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Payment and billing

Since we host our repositories on GitHub, including both the Material for MkDocs community edition and the private Insiders edition, GitHub Sponsors is a natural fit for handling all financial transactions, as well as for access management to the Insiders repository.

Therefore, to become a sponsor of Material for MkDocs, a GitHub account is mandatory.


GitHub Sponsors currently only accepts payments via credit card, as they removed support for PayPal at the beginning of 2023. When entering your credit card details, ensure that the card remains valid over an extended period to prevent any disruptions to your sponsorship.


GitHub Sponsors automatically issues and send a payment receipt via email after each billing cycle. These receipts serve as confirmation of payment rather than formal invoices. As all transactions are managed by GitHub Sponsors, GitHub is your primary point of contact for payment and billing matters, not us.

If you need an official invoice from us for your records, please get in touch with us at before initiating your sponsorship.


Our team does not have insights or access to details related to sponsorship transactions of our sponsors, as GitHub does not provide us with this information. For questions regarding payment issues or for more detailed information about your sponsorship, please get in touch with the GitHub support team.


Unfortunately, we can't offer discounts. To ensure that everyone in our community can afford to become a sponsor, we keep the barrier low and set prices as low as possible, starting at $15 a month for non-commercial use and at $125 a month for commercial use.

Free access

Free access to the Insiders edition is only granted exclusively to our Community Experts and to selected members of the MkDocs ecosystem. Our Community Experts program is designed to recognize and reward users who significantly contribute to the community by sharing their expertise on our discussion board.

Our discussion board facilitates the exchange of insights on workarounds, setups, and features and addresses queries from users at all levels of experience. All communication is public and visible for the entire community, benefitting everyone.

Community experts not only enrich our project but also enable our team to focus on continuous improvement and the development of new features. Therefore, we are happy to provide them with free access to the private Insiders repository and encourage you to join the team as well!

Billing cycle

The billing cycle is an account-level setting on GitHub and is set to monthly or yearly. It can be changed at any time, so you might want to check the setting before sponsoring and change it either to monthly or yearly according to your own or your organization's preferences.

If, for whatever reason, you cannot change your billing cycle, a practical solution is to create a dedicated GitHub bot account where you set the billing cycle accordingly and use it specifically for your sponsorship contributions. This is a strategy many of our organizational sponsors have successfully implemented.

If you experience any difficulties or have further questions before sponsoring, please don't hesitate to contact us at for additional support.