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Transparency is at the heart of our sponsorware model, which includes our funding goals, the features we're working towards, and, importantly, the acknowledgment of our sponsors. As a sponsor, you can support our project either publicly or privately, according to your preference.

Public sponsors

By default, GitHub lists all sponsorships publicly. To sponsor privately, you must explicitly select this option. When sponsoring publicly, your GitHub account will be listed as part of our sponsors, @squidfunk's sponsoring page, and within the "sponsoring" section of your GitHub account.

Private sponsors

For those preferring discretion, setting your sponsorship to private during the sponsorship initiation process ensures your sponsorship remains unlisted, keeping your affiliation with Material for MkDocs confidential.

This setting can be adjusted at any time through your GitHub account's sponsorship settings.

For companies concerned about being visible as sponsors of any project due to their privacy restrictions, creating a bot account on GitHub that is solely used for sponsoring is advised. This account, set to sponsor privately, won't be linked to any individual within your organization and provides an extra layer of anonymity.

Administrative requests

To focus on the development of our projects, we aim to reduce administrative tasks as much as possible for our small team, utilizing GitHub Sponsors for efficient sponsor management.

Vendor agreements

Since GitHub Sponsors facilitates our sponsor transactions, they act as your vendor. For vendor agreements or related queries, especially for organizations with GitHub enterprise accounts, reaching out to GitHub Support is recommended.

Non-disclosure agreements

Given our limited resources as a small team, we are unable to review and sign NDAs. We advise those requiring such agreements to consult our promise for reassurance. Additionally, please contact us if you have any questions at

Our promise

We recognize the importance of privacy for our organizational sponsors, especially in the absence of formal agreements like NDAs. "Our Promise" is our assurance of commitment to your confidentiality and discretion.

  • Confidential sponsorship: Your choice between public or private sponsorship is respected to the fullest. For private sponsors, we guarantee your relation with us remains confidential at all times, ensuring no public disclosure of your sponsorship.
  • Logo usage and brand representation: Logo display and any form of public acknowledgment are completely under your control and will only proceed with your explicit consent. This ensures your brand is represented on your terms.
  • Marketing and communication: We commit not to use the details of your sponsorship for marketing or promotional purposes without your approval. Your sponsorship details are guarded with the highest level of confidentiality, with no unauthorized use or disclosure.