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Runtime and cancellation

The sponsorship model for Material for MkDocs is facilitated through GitHub Sponsors and, therefore, adheres to GitHub's policies. If you're curious about the duration of your sponsorship and the cancellation process, you will find everything you need to know below.


Sponsorships remain valid as long as monthly or yearly subscriptions are active and only expire when you cancel the sponsorship or when your payment method expires.

Cancellation process

Canceling your sponsorship initiates a cancellation request through GitHub, which is scheduled to take effect at the end of your current billing cycle. This means you'll retain access to Insiders until the cancellation officially becomes effective.

All transactions are processed by GitHub and as we don't receive any information regarding your payment, we can't provide details about when your cancellation will be in place.

How to cancel

To downgrade or cancel your sponsorship, please follow the step-by-step guide from GitHub. If you have sponsored using an organizational account, ensure that you cancel the sponsorship under that specific account, as the collaborator and sponsor accounts may differ.

Effects of cancellation

Upon the effective date of your cancellation, GitHub will automatically remove you as a collaborator from the private Material for MkDocs Insiders repository. You will no longer receive updates. However, you are welcome to continue using the latest version available to you at the time of cancellation for as long as you like.

GitHub deletes private forks

Please note that once you lose your collaborator status, GitHub will automatically delete your private fork of the Insiders repository, so you may want to take steps to ensure that you have a local backup.

Automatic cancellation

If your credit card expires, GitHub will automatically cancel your sponsorship and remove you as a collaborator. Regularly checking your payment method is recommended to avoid unintended cancellations. If it happens, you can reinstate your sponsorship with a new credit card.