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Sponsoring tiers

We offer a range of sponsoring tiers tailored to the diverse needs of our community. Whether you're an individual user, or rooted in academia, or work in an organization using our software commercially, there's a sponsoring tier that suits your needs.

Choosing a tier

Choosing the right sponsoring tier depends on your needs and how you intend to use Material for MkDocs Insiders. Our tiers are categorized into non-commercial and commercial use:

  • Non-commercial tiers: Intended for individuals, Open Source projects, and academic use
  • Commercial tiers: Designed for organizations and enterprises of any size

Each monthly sponsoring tier offers a range of benefits tailored to your needs. Benefits include access to our private Material for MkDocs Insiders repository, priority handling of bug reports, and more, which vary by the number of projects1 that you intend to build with it and collaborators required. Remember, you can always upgrade or downgrade your sponsorship level at any time.

Monthly sponsoring

Monthly sponsoring tiers provide you with access to our private Material for MkDocs Insiders repository. Your financial contribution supports the ongoing development of both the Insiders and the community edition.

Non-commercial use

Non-commercial use essentially means "personal use". This includes individuals using the Insiders edition for personal or purely non-commercial Open Source projects. We offer two different tiers for non-commercial use.

The Individual

You love Material for MkDocs and use it for your Open Source project or personal blog. You read about all the awesome features in Insiders, which are first exclusively released to sponsors, and don't want to miss out.


  • Access to Insiders
  • Non-commercial use for 1-2 projects

  Sponsor with $15 a month

The Dedicated Individual

You use Material for MkDocs for several of your Open Source projects or personal sites, and just love that you can build beautiful documentation without having to worry about the constantly breaking JavaScript ecosystem – this is now @squidfunk's job.


  • Access to Insiders
  • Non-commercial use for 3+ projects

  Sponsor with $35 a month

Commercial use

Commercial use refers to any use of our software for a business or for-profit purpose. This includes any use by a corporation or other organization, whether or not they generate revenue directly from the software. We offer different pricing tiers for commercial use, each tailored to the needs of different businesses. It's important to note that internal use of the software within your organization is also considered commercial use, as with all commercial software.

The Organization ⭐

Your organization uses Material for MkDocs for its documentation or internal knowledge base and wants to make sure that it is well-maintained and safe to use for the years to come. You agree that $125 a month (less than 1 hour of a skilled developer) is a clever investment into a solution, solving tons of problems you don't want to fight yourself.


  • Access to Insiders
  • Commercial use for 1-9 projects
  • Your bug reports are prioritized
  • Backlink + placement of small logo

  Sponsor with $125 a month

The Global Organization ⭐⭐

Your organization runs many internal and public-facing sites that are built with Material for MkDocs, helping you to share and manage knowledge efficiently. You've evaluated several commercial alternatives which will cost you 3-4x more, some of which with a smaller feature set. You agree that $250 a month (less than 2 hours of a skilled developer) is a very good deal for the value you're getting out of it.


  • Access to Insiders
  • Commercial use for 10-49 projects
  • Your bug reports are prioritized
  • Backlink + placement of logo

  Sponsor with $250 a month

The Holistic Organization ⭐⭐⭐

Your organization's day-to-day operations critically depend on Material for MkDocs, and you need to make sure that bugs are fixed quickly to keep your customers happy. You see your work as part of a larger ecosystem, realizing that giving back is essential to keeping everything you fight for alive.


  • Access to Insiders
  • Commercial use for 50+ projects
  • Your bug reports are prioritized
  • Backlink + placement of large logo
  • Private email support

  Sponsor with $1,000 a month

One-time sponsoring

For those who wish to contribute one-time without an ongoing subscription and without receiving access to the exclusive Insiders features, we offer the following one-time sponsoring tiers.

Just a Tip! 💸

You asked a question or needed some help on a problem, and we've helped you quickly. You want no perks, just good karma and a warm feeling of giving something back.

  Sponsor $20 one-time

The Mentoring

A 1-hour video call with @squidfunk, the creator and core maintainer of the project. He is happy to share his experiences with you and help you with anything related to his work.

Popular topics are:

  • How to tailor Material for MkDocs to your needs
  • How to start earning a living in Open Source
  • How to make your Open Source project sustainable

  Sponsor $350 one-time

Custom amount

You're invited to contribute custom sponsorship amounts via GitHub Sponsors, enabling you to support Material for MkDocs according to your preferences. Please be aware that individuals need to pledge a minimum of $15 a month to access Insiders, whereas organizations are encouraged to sponsor $125 a month or more, based on their requirements.

Contributions exceeding these thresholds are highly appreciated. Please note that one-time donations, regardless of their size, won't be granted access to Insiders due to technical constraints.

Switching tiers

You can easily switch between different sponsorship tiers — upgrade or downgrade — at any time. Simply visit the @squidfunk's GitHub Sponsors profile and adjust your sponsorship tier selection. Once you've made the change, you'll immediately sponsor at the new tier.

If you exceed the number of projects within your current sponsorship limit, we kindly request that you upgrade your sponsorship to a higher tier to retain access to Material for MkDocs Insiders. The change takes effect immediately, and the amount is prorated based on your billing cycle.

  1. A project is defined as a folder with a mkdocs.yml configuration file that is built with Material for MkDocs Insiders. This is the only limitation to follow – the number of documentation pages or the size of your project is up to you.