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How to upgrade

When upgrading Insiders, you should always check the version of Material for MkDocs which makes up the first part of the version qualifier, e.g., Insiders 4.x.x is currently based on 9.x.x:


If the major version increased, it's a good idea to consult the upgrade guide and go through the steps to ensure your configuration is up to date and all necessary changes have been made.

Depending on how you installed and what you want to upgrade to you need to run different commands:

If you installed Insiders via pip and you want to upgrade to a specific release, pick the tag from the list of tags and replace the tag at the end of the URL of the command given below:

pip install --upgrade git+https://${GH_TOKEN}

If you installed Insiders via pip and want to upgrade to the latest development version, run:

pip install --upgrade --force-reinstall git+https://${GH_TOKEN}

The --force-reinstall option serves to make sure pip does, in fact, install the latest development version, instead of deciding that nothing is to be done based on the version numbers. ```

If you installed Insiders via git, you will first need to check out the version you want to install into your workspace. After this is done, you can run pip to install that version.

First, make sure that your local clone is up-to-date with the upstream repository by running git pull.

You can look up the tags using git tag --sort -refname or you can consult the list of tags. Then, checkout the tag you want to use by replacing the one given in the command below (twice)and running it from your workspace1:

cd mkdocs-material 
git checkout --detach tags/9.4.2-insiders-4.42.0 

Now, change back to the parent directory in which your Git repository lives and run pip:

cd .. 
pip install -e mkdocs-material

  1. The --detach argument serves to tell git that you are ok to have your workspace in the detached head state, which is perfectly fine to have here.