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Before settling for Material for MkDocs, it's a good idea to understand the philosophy behind the project, in order to make sure it aligns with your goals. This page explains the design principles anchored in Material for MkDocs, and discusses the conventions used in this documentation.

Design principles

  • It's just Markdown: Focus on the content of your documentation and create a professional static site in minutes. No need to know HTML,CSS or JavaScript – let Material for MkDocs do the heavy lifting for you.

  • Works on all devices: Serve your documentation with confidence – the underlying layout automatically adapts to perfectly fit the available screen estate, no matter the type or size of the viewing device.

  • Made to measure: Change the colors, fonts, language, icons, logo and much more with a few lines of configuration. Material for MkDocs can be easily extended and provides tons of options to alter appearance and behavior.

  • Fast and lightweight: Don't let your users wait – get incredible value with a small footprint, by using one of the fastest themes around with excellent performance, yielding great search engine rankings and happy users that return.

  • Accessible: Make accessibility a priority – users can navigate your documentation with touch devices, keyboard, and screen readers. Semantic markup ensures that your documentation works for everyone.

  • Open Source: Trust 45,000+ users – choose a mature and well-funded solution built with state-of-the-art Open Source technologies. Keep ownership of your content without fear of vendor lock-in. Licensed under MIT.