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Changing the fonts

Material for MkDocs makes it easy to change the typeface of your project documentation, as it directly integrates with Google Fonts. Alternatively, fonts can be custom-loaded if self-hosting is preferred for data privacy reasons or another destination should be used.


Regular font

0.1.2 Roboto

The regular font is used for all body copy, headlines, and essentially everything that does not need to be monospaced. It can be set to any valid Google Font via mkdocs.yml:

    text: Roboto

The typeface will be loaded in 300, 400, 400i and 700.

Monospaced font

0.1.2 Roboto Mono

The monospaced font is used for code blocks and can be configured separately. Just like the regular font, it can be set to any valid Google Font via mkdocs.yml:

    code: Roboto Mono

The typeface will be loaded in 400.



If you want to prevent typefaces from being loaded from Google Fonts, e.g. to adhere to data privacy regulations, and fall back to system fonts, add the following lines to mkdocs.yml:

  font: false

Automatically bundle Google Fonts

The built-in privacy plugin makes it easy to use Google Fonts while complying with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), by automatically downloading and self-hosting the web font files.


Additional fonts

If you want to load an (additional) font from another destination or override the system font, you can use an additional style sheet to add the corresponding @font-face definition:

@font-face {
  font-family: "<font>";
  src: "...";
  - stylesheets/extra.css

The font can then be applied to specific elements, e.g. only headlines, or globally to be used as the site-wide regular or monospaced font:

:root {
  --md-text-font: "<font>"; /* (1)! */
  1. Always define fonts through CSS variables and not font-family, as this would disable the system font fallback.
:root {
  --md-code-font: "<font>";