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At the heart of Material for MkDocs is an open and supportive community dedicated to freely sharing knowledge and insights. We strive to offer support to this community, balancing our development efforts with the need to address community questions effectively.

In order to streamline communication and direct you to the most appropriate support channel, we've outlined our support structure below.

Sponsoring support

If you have questions about Insiders or are considering becoming a sponsor, @katharinalisalin is here to help. She handles all non-technical sponsorship-related inquiries and is happy to provide the guidance you need. Feel free to contact her at

Technical support

We are committed to providing technical support, ensuring all interactions remain transparent and accessible. Our primary channels for technical inquiries, therefore, are our discussion board and our issue tracker which are open to the entire community.

Discussion board

Our discussion board serves as the primary point of contact for technical discussions, supported by both our community and our Community Experts. We encourage searching the board for existing answers before posting new questions.

Direct support, particularly for core feature-related queries, is actively provided here, whereas customization tips are often sourced from and shared by our amazing community.

Issue Tracker

For reporting bugs or submitting change requests, our issue tracker offers a transparent platform for community contributions. We encourage reporting bugs found in the Insiders edition and in the community edition with the help of our contributing guides through the public issue tracker, mindful of not disclosing the private Insiders' source code in line with our fair use policy.

This transparent approach ensures that solutions can benefit the entire community and feature requests can get upvoted by the community which will affect the speed of its development.

Prioritized support

Organizational sponsors at "The Organization" tier or higher are entitled to prioritized bug support. While we cannot guarantee immediate resolution, as some problems are harder to fix than others, it ensures that your issues are addressed with urgency.