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In addition to the basic getting started guides, we offer tutorials that aim to show how you can use Material for MkDocs in different use cases. In contrast to the getting started guides or the reference documentation, the tutorials show the breadth of features available in Material for MkDocs but also within the wider MkDocs ecosystem.

The tutorials guide you through worked examples, so by following them you should gain not only an understanding of how to use Material for MkDocs, but also a template for your own projects. For convenience, these templates are also available as template repositories on GitHub.

The tutorials assume that you have installed either the public version or the Insiders edition of Material for MkDocs and that you have worked through the creating your site setup guide.

Note that where the features we use require the Insiders edition, we mark these with the heart icon: If you are using the public version then you can skip these steps. Sometimes there will be ways of achieving the same goal that differ between the public version and the Insider edition. In that case, we will show them in a tabbed view so you can see one or the other.

Feedback wanted!

The tutorials are a recent addition to our documentation and we are still working out what shape they should have in the end. Please provide any feedback you might have in this discussion thread.

Note, however, that suggestions should be specific and feasible. We want to focus on creating more content at the moment, instead of developing a specific styling or behaviour for the tutorials. If there are worthwhile improvements that we can make through simple customization then we are happy to consider those.


Template Repository

Social cards

  • Basics (20 min)
    shows you how to configure Material for MkDocs to create social cards for your content.
  • Custom cards (15 min)
    shows you how to design your own custom social cards.

Template Repository