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Retrieve an item from SimpleDB


Isotope<T, TPut = T, TGet = T>.get(
  id: string,
  names?: string[]
): Promise<TGet | DeepPartial<TGet> | undefined>

Note that this method may return partial items if they are stored as such in SimpleDB, so to obtain type safety with TypeScript, you have to make sure that all items define all required fields before retrieving them from SimpleDB. If unsure, it's best to configure Isotopes with Partial<T> or DeepPartial<T> for TGet, see this section.



Identifier — unique value used for identification (SimpleDB item name).


Attribute names — optional — a set of flattened field names that should be retrieved from SimpleDB. If this parameter is omitted SimpleDB will return all attributes for a given item. If this parameter is specified, the Promise will resolve with a DeepPartial<TGet> type.


const item = await isotope.get(id)