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Retrieve a set of items from SimpleDB matching a given SQL query expression


Isotope<T, TPut = T, TGet = T>.select<TSelect extends TGet = TGet>(
  expr: IsotopeSelect<T> | string,
  prev?: string
): Promise<IsotopeResult<TSelect>>

By default, SELECT operations are assumed to return the same type as GET. As this may differ by usecase (depending on the specific SQL query), it may be overridden on a per-query basis.



Query builder or string containing a SQL query expression — the easiest way to construct SQL queries that can be understood by SimpleDB is using the query builder which is implemented using squel. A query builder can be obtained using getQueryBuilder().


Pagination token, optional — a SELECT operation returns a pagination token if there are more results to fetch, as SimpleDB uses token-based pagination. This token can then be passed to the same method using the same SQL query expression to obtain the next page of items.


let prev
do {
  const { items, next } = await, prev)
  prev = next
} while (prev)