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Create a SimpleDB domain client


new Isotope<T, [TPut, [TGet]]>(
  options: IsotopeOptions<T>
): Isotope<T>

Initializes an isotope using the given options of which domain and key are mandatory. The format option can be used to define the serialization method that is used for the values before writing them to SimpleDB. The client option enables configuration of the SimpleDB client.


By default, Isotopes forces only valid entries to be written to SimpleDB which means that all non-optional fields need to be defined in the payload (otherwise the TypeScript compiler will moan). However, SimpleDB allows reading and writing of partial attribute values, so it might be desirable in some cases to loosen that restriction and allow partial reads and writes. Isotopes allows both configurations through simple generic typing.

class Isotope<
  T    extends {},                     /* Data type */
  TPut extends DeepPartial<T> = T,     /* Data type expected by PUT operation */
  TGet extends DeepPartial<T> = TPut   /* Data type returned by GET operation */
> {}

The first type argument is mandatory and defines the base type. The second and third type arguments can be used to specify what exact types PUT and GET operations return but normally they are equal to the base type.

  • Allow complete values only:

    new Isotope<T>(...)
  • Allow partial values in PUT and GET operations:

    new Isotope<T, DeepPartial<T>>(...)
  • Allow partial values in GET operations only:

    new Isotope<T, T, DeepPartial<T>>(...)

The DeepPartial type is exported by Isotopes.



SimpleDB domain name


SimpleDB item name (primary key)


Encoding method for values — optional, default: "json" — please see this section to learn how the available encoding methods "json" and "text" determine how values are written to SimpleDB.


Write multi-attribute values for arrays — optional, default: true — please see this section to learn how this will impact object flattening and persistence within SimpleDB.


Use consistent reads for GET and SELECT operations — optional, default: false — see the official documentation for further information on consistency within SimpleDB.


const isotope = new Isotope<T>({
  domain: "<domain>",
  key: "<keyof T>",

  /* Optional: format options */
  format: {
    encoding: "json",
    multiple: true

  /* Optional: SimpleDB client options */
  client: {
    consistent: false